On account of the continually increasing number of prohibited substances, laboratory tests alone are no longer sufficient to guarantee compliance in a legally watertight manner. Many real-life examples have demonstrated that a supplementary material data management system is indispensable. tec4U is taking on this challenge on your behalf and is working closely with everyone involved to develop viable solutions.

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What we do

Guaranteeing the safety of your products

Standards, directives and laws must be implemented in order to guarantee the high quality and safety of toys. This requires compliance with the limits and requirements for the substances and materials contained in the product. In addition to the legal requirements, customer demands for toy safety are increasing. The market demands that toys be free of harmful substances ā€“ to an extent that far exceeds legal requirements. A supplementary material data management system is therefore absolutely necessary for developing a product that meets market requirements.

Supplier communication and management of hazardous substances ā€“ to ease the burden on you and increase efficiency!

Data must be collected throughout the entire supply chain. We use our material data software, DataCross, to collect and archive the information. Alternatively, we can also work directly in our clients' existing systems. This will ease the burden on you as much as possible, while increasing the efficiency of your supplier communications. At the same time, our professionals will support you in implementing the technical and organizational requirements. We will implement a continually updated hazardous substance management system as a standard part of your quality process. In addition to identifying (potentially) hazardous substances, we will search for and evaluate suppliers who will deliver safe products to you. This will enable you to reduce liability and reputation risks to a minimum.

tec4U will help you to implement legal and customer requirements while you are still in the product-development stage. Thanks to tec4Uā€™s contribution, your management will be able to assess material compliance, the challenges facing your employees will be less daunting and the public will have greater trust in your products.