The steadily rising number of prohibited substances that are in circulation is leading to increased liability risks and more complex communications. The obligation to provide information to end users, supervision from regulatory agencies and overall competition is resulting in rising levels of product compliance, particularly in the B2C sector. tec4U is facing this challenge by providing transparency and legal security.

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Products free of harmful substances for satisfied customers

The market requires that the materials used in products are free of harmful substances. More and more regulatory bodies and lawmakers are therefore paying increased attention to questionable substances. For example, the REACH regulation has put completely new requirements in place regarding not only the importation of substances in products, but also regarding the information and communications obligations for substances of very high concern (SVHC).

It can be critical for a company to know in the procurement stage which substances in their own products require declarations in order not to exceed the registration limits of one ton per year. The rule here is: Ignorance is not an alibi! For businesses, a faulty strategy here can result not only in increased staff costs and financial burdens but, more importantly, product risks.

Information about ingredients and professional supplier communications

Knowing about the substances used in products is a prerequisite for meeting customer as well as legal requirements. To get the necessary information, the entire supply chain needs to be integrated into the communication process.

tec4U helps businesses implement and guarantee material compliance regulations by:

If desired, tec4U will also use DataCross to assume complete responsibility for materials data research, supplier communications, (prohibited) substance lists monitoring, and commercial limits supervision regarding those prohibited substances.